Talent View

Human resources is a strategic resource companies: Human Resources is a strategic task of value-added business development

Talent: Enterprise said: "Do not think that only experts, scholars, there is the ability and insight learned man of talent, and do not think there is a certain degree of human talent, from the perspective of creating wealth for the society, said the workers have the technology is also talent. business people not only highly educated employees, but also includes practical experience, strong hands of the employees. "

Development of human resources: "Everyone can become, by training to become professionals." People do not lack talent, lack of discovery; people do not lack potential, lack of potential platform is "taught everyone," the interpretation. Tap human potential, good work of personnel training, is the key content of Huangshi Dongbei talent work. For this reason, companies established "East Bay Career Academy" from the functions of education, job training, self-growth, job training, specialist training, and seek common development of six major systems development staff training.

Nurturing talent: "Only outstanding character, in order to create high-quality products." Business principles to nurture talent four points: first, people-oriented, comprehensive cultivation; Second, everyone nurture, to make materials development; Third, insist on long-term cultivation of talent and enterprise development to match; four employees nurturing diversity and enrichment.

Talent: Enterprise respecting each employee's hard work, encourage each employee to business management and development of ideas, opinions and suggestions of employees for each business is very important.