• Gujia Bing holding "user-centric, think of all users, all users, all service users, all gain the trust of users," the service concept, the real

         Shi "all-weather days to make the service system." 6S establish service standards and set sales, service, technical advice, information feedback four integrated marketing services
         Systems. Maximum extent to meet the needs of users, to protect the interests of users.

• 6S service: quick response, standard services, professional guidance, simple and quick, tracking, service with a smile.

• Rapid response rate refers to let customers wait too long, and rapid reception processing. Acceptance time: 5 minutes during working hours, non-working time of 30 minutes.

• Standard service is the provision of a full range of 7 x 24 x 365 customer service, customer service phone rate reached more than 95%;

• Professional guidance is the norm professional services team, the first time to solve customer problems.

• Simple and efficient means to simplify the process, act with discretion, fast and efficient.

• tracking refers to tracking services, solve customer problems. Dedicated service, the entire family of the tracking service.

• Service with a smile is the customer demand-oriented and customer satisfaction as the center, Gu stood on the customer position to consider and solve the problem, the needs of customers

         And satisfaction of the first considerations in all, we should take the interests of others as the most important of sincerity, with the truth probation customer service to win the enthusiastic service ruthless competition.

• 4 large service process: pre-sale, sale, sale and service do four, six free, 7-step installation, three times to return.

• 6 offered free: free measurements, free consultation, free installation, free maintenance, free testing.

• 7-step installation: a goal, two instructions, the three disciplines, four indicators, five note explaining six or seven steps.

• 3 times visit: telephone interviews, maintenance visits, inspection visits.